Understanding Austism Spectrum Disorder

One in 66 children and youth in Canada is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder according to the latest study in done in 2018.  Autism affects the way a person interacts with the world around them. Engaging in relationships or being able to socialize is often difficult.

Chrissy Sadowski’s 11 year old son Darius  is non-verbal autistic. He doesn’t speak or understand simple tasks.  Chrissy talks about how life isn’t always easy with Darius but the family has learned his needs and actions. And it’s so special when even the simplest things in life happen.

Chrissy is the Fund Developtment and Volunteer Coordinator for Autism Ontario South Region.  She also has a coaching business https://consciousdirection.ca/

Below are some sites with information about Autism Spectrum Disorder: