Sexual Abuse. From Shame to Healing.

Kelly-Anne Appleton was just 10 years old when her Roman Catholic parish priest began sexually abusing her. The priest started grooming her by making her feel special, inviting her fold flyers and giving her candy. It progressed to sexual abuse and for two years Kelly-Anne kept visiting him. For years she believed it was her fault because priests were thought to be above reproach and even next to God.  She has worked hard to overcome the shame and is passionate about helping other women as a Mindset & Success Coach.  Kelly-Anne has also written about her story in a collaborative book with  10 other women.  She Is Worthy is coming out in Spring 2022. 

In 2006, Charles Sylvestre was convicted of sexually abusing 47 girls, including Kelly-Anne. He was a parish priest in the Roman Catholic Diocese of London, Ontario.