Horses Are Amazing For Your Mental Health

Anyone who knows me knows that I love horses. I believe everyone who is living with a mental health issues or addiction should own or have access to a pet whether it’s a dog, cat or really anything that helps with lonliness. Pets also means being responsible for another living being. 

Horses are amazing for mental health. Not everyone can own a horse but many therapists are adding Equine therapy to their traditional in-office approach. Horses mirror emotions like anxiety and depression, helping a person recognize what they’re experiencing in the moment and so they can work with their therapist on solutions.  

Firefighter Rob Leathen, who I’ve interviewed in the past about his post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), says working with horses and donkeys has been an immense help in his journey to wellness.

To learn more about Rob go to Rob also creates beautiful art like the picture on this post.