Breaking down stigma by sharing the inspiring stories of people living with mental illness and addiction

Shame and fear often stop people who really need support for their mental health or addiction from reaching out. COVID 19 has created a mental health pandemic. For many, anxiety is now part everyday life.  Alcohol and drug use has increased as people try to cope. Opiod use and overdoses have increased dramatically. And many of our kids are in crisis because of social isolation from their friends and school.


Every brain is unique and there is no life script to follow for people living with mental illness. Life Unscripted is a weekly radio show hosted by Janice Arnoldi Sundays at noon on 610CKTB. Each week she shines the light on the issues surrounding mental health and addiction through the stories of people with lived experience and those who work in the field of mental health.  

“If I can reach one person living with a mental illness or addiction or reduce stigma by helping someone understand – that’s why I do the show”

Are You In Crisis? Please call 911.

If you need immediate care contact COAST 1-866-550-5205 – 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.