Hoarding – It can happen to anyone!

Many of us think of hoarders as the people on TV who have rooms full of junk, or at its worse, so much stuff they have to walk through warrens to get around their house. 

Elaine Birchall holds a graduate degree (Masters of Social Work) from St. Patrick’s College, Ottawa, Ontario, an institution with a long and honoured reputation of commitment to community.

A registered social worker with many years of experience, Elaine has dedicated her life to counselling individuals through difficult transitions in their lives.

Through her professional training and tenure with the first Canadian Hoarding Coalition, Elaine has developed specialized expertise on hoarding behaviour, including an extensive broad based network of community support and services.

Elaine is also the founding force behind the Canadian National Hoarding Coalition, which she led for two years. She is currently developing an Ontario wide Hoarding support initiative, tentatively titled “Ontario Roundtable on Hoarding.

If you are looking for support or more information about hoarding visit Elaine’s website at www.hoarding.ca/resources