Helping Children Cope with the World They’re Inheriting

Every time I watch the news or read it online I think about how happy I am that I’m older. But I worry about my 15 year old nephew and my nieces and nephews who are now having children of their own. We’re used to wildfires in Canada but I don’t think there’s ever been a time when there have been so many raging at the same time and buring their way through communities and many people had to leave their homes. Who new we’d be breathing smoke from Quebec in southern Ontario. Politics in the U.S. is a mess again and the federal government has now put out a travel advisory about 18 states where 2sLGBTQ+ people could experience discrimination.

All this after 3 years of a pandemic.

I’m talking to Erin Clayton from Pathstone Mental Health about getting children back to school, how parents can talk to their kids about what’s happening in the world, and importantly, how can they recognize when their child is experiencing more persistent mental health problems.