Attention Managers! Mental Health Is You Priority

Managers and supervisors are going to have to re-think the way they interact with their teams.  There has been a lot of information about how people will work – fully remote, hybrid or full time back in the office, shift work, retail or any other job.  Life has been very fluid with work tied to COVID 19 restrictions and re-openings. The uncertainty has put an immense amount of strain on peoples’ mental health and many senior managers have only been able to stay one step ahead.

Nick Pollice of Pollice Management Group says mental health should be the priority. He calls the CEO the Chief Empathy Officer. Understanding and recognizing the signs an employee is struggling is only part. Pollice says there has to be supports in place, a culture where people feel they can talk about mental heath and clear HR policies. He says this also means managers, group leaders and supervisors are going to have to look at their traditional approaches and even shake up the way they think.